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Actor - Screenwriter - Director


"And Then Aliens" is the first film he made. It was shot with his family on zero budget with no crew on an iphone in the woods of Buncombe County.  R Lyon co-wrote and directed this short. The score for that film was written and performed by his son, J Ario Casanova. 

"Greta and the Devil" was a team project at Asheville School of Film. R Lyon wrote and directed the film under the guidance of Brad DP Hoover. The production design, costumes, and make-up are a credit to his long-time friend Jessica Gaydos.

This selection represents the breadth, not entirety, of R Lyon's work in film--

"Le Problem" was made for the 48hr Film Project.  A four person team worked to create this film in less than 2 days.  Lyon wrote the script and played the lead male role, for which he was nominated for best actor.  Credit goes to his mentor Brad DP Hoover for the outstanding cinematography, direction, and set design.

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