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R Lyon Bergh is an overall creative an artist and a spirtualist  A fantasist  A storyteller  A poet player and songster A soothsayer  And a passionate teacher of creative writing tarot
and the artistic process.

Delaware Theatre Company Education Grace Institute of Biblical Studies Wilmington University Asheville School of Film New York Studio for Stage and Screen Story Parlor

Creative Facilitation, Fields of Study Meisner Acting Method, Comedy Improv, Creative Writing, Filmmaking, Screen Writing, Photography, Theology, Divination

Charles Conway, Danny Peak,Teachers Tom Chalmers, Kelly McGillis

Brad DP Hoover, Mentors Shakti A Casanova, Erin Hallagan Clare


In his own words:

A creative writer and performer since the elementary years, I have a life-long love for the interplay between artist and audience, and the conversation that occurs in that connection; the questions of what it is to be alive and to be human. 


I explore through play and encourage others to as well. 


I believe the imagination is the womb of all inspiration, inner healing, and innovation; it is the place we meet with God and our truest self.  It shows what we desire, what we need, where we long to go, who we hope to become.  The magical challenges our beliefs and demands that we expand them beyond the perceived limitations of the rest of the mind and the world we see around us. And, it reminds us there is often more truth in fiction.

The imaginary demands we remember to be blissfully naive; to be fools, to play!

I am autistic, artistic, optimistic, and intuitive; I bring a unique, often challenging, perspective to the subjects I teach and the wisdom I share.  I seek humanity and the divine in everything I do.  My areas of specialization are in narrative fiction, coaching neuro-divergent thinkers, the art of tarot, and teaching the fundamentals of story.

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